Breaking My Project Down

For my project I am focusing on my realistic drawings and improving my skills. I was able to break down my project by creating a workflow which consists of the things I will do to complete my drawing. The workflow applies to each of my milestones, the steps I will follow through each art piece. My milestones are to Start Piece 1 through 5, 12 days to complete each piece. The reason why I gave myself 12 days is to really push myself to do more in a shorter amount of time but also not to rush it. I’m hoping that as I do more drawings the amount of time it takes me to draw a piece will decrease.

I decided to break my project this way because there was no other logical way to do it. I gave myself what I think is a reasonable amount of time to finish a piece (12 days) and gave myself a workflow that works for me and will help make sure I can finish all my drawings.

In the next few weeks, I will be working on my realistic drawings, as well as learning new techniques to apply to my drawings. The action steps I will take to accomplish these drawings are to go by my workflow (action steps) which is: to first sketch my outline, shade, blend as well as getting feedback through each of these steps.


Proof of Concept

Proof of Concept is two weeks worth of time for someone to work on and prove that they are capable of achieving a project outcome of their choice for example, photography, architecture, graphic design, etc.

For my Proof of Concept, I completed a realistic drawing and did research on some things such as tools I would need for my art and artistic elements I would like to implement into my work. The Proof of Concept phase gave me an idea of what the rest of the semester would look like. I now feel more confident going forward.

I learnt many things surrounding the art medium I would like to pursue, which is drawing with graphite pencils. Drawing realistic portraits is not the easiest and I found myself struggling a lot with the portrait I was drawing. However, when I was stuck on something I would search up a YouTube tutorial, practice it and then apply it to my work. I also learnt not to be afraid of feedback because it is beneficial to me and I can learn a lot from it. It was challenging at times, asking for feedback on something I was very proud of, and not getting the answer I wanted. I now know that without it, my drawing wouldn’t be as good as it turned out. Yet, there are still improvements I would like to make.

Going forward, I would like to improve my art skills. Now that I am past the Proof of Concept phase, I feel as though that my drawing and shading skills have improved from what they were. I am looking forward to improving my art skills through practicing different techniques and getting feedback.

My end goal is to, obviously improve my art skills, but to also make my drawings look more realistic. I would like to complete 5 realistic drawings (or more) and to include at least 2 portraits. I would like to try to incorporate a grid into my drawings to get the proportions spot on. It’s crucial that I spend my time working on something that I know I will be proud of in the end.  I’m ready to fail at times because it will only help me going forward and it will help to make my art the best it can be.

Something New

These first few weeks of Propel have been probably some of the most nerve racking weeks of my life. I’ve never been one to step too far out of my comfort zone, but Propel has already helped me change that in a few different ways. One being public speaking – I’ve always struggled with it. Going from only giving presentations in front my teacher, to a group of 27 people I barely even knew was a challenge. On top of that, meeting all these new people was scary for me. Even though I’ve found it easy to make new friends in the past, having to meet all these individuals at once brought a lot of anxiety. Though after talking to almost everyone, I think it’s safe to say that I’ve made a some great new friends which I hope to keep after this semester ends. 

Looking back at the first days of Propel to now, I can say that I’ve already learnt to be open to different things and my anxiety surrounding presentations is slowly going away. I am very thankful for that since it’s something I thought I could never get over. By the end of this semester I’m sure the way I look at presentations will be completely different from now. I’m looking forward to seeing how much I’ve improved, along with the improvements of my classmates. 

Propel has been a complete change for me – something I am not at all used to. Receiving so much information at once, being in a new environment with all these people, adjusting to these different ways. It’s refreshing, exciting and nerve racking but also comforting to remember I’m not alone in my struggles, because almost everyone else here is new to this as well and we are all here to help and support each other. 

I’m very excited to see where this semester takes me on my journey of pursuing what I love, which is art. I’m definitely nervous, but ready to take on the obstacles that are to come. I know that in the end it will all have been worth it.